Validation of the new shooting organization in line
for Compak Sporting discipline

During the European championship of Compak Sporting held last week-end in Signes, France, we approved the new shooting organization in line for Compak Sporting discipline.
All the reasons that led us to propose this new type of shooting organization were confirmed, including by referees and shooters.
The advantages of the new shooting organization are listed below:
Advantages for practice :
  • Simplification of shooter management as compaks do not need staff anymore and as shooters manage themselves their rotation from one compak to another.
  • No more wait: as soon as the position 1 of a compak is free, a new shooter can come in.
  • All the time wasted by a shooter to make his registration on a squad is from now on used to shoot further compaks, thus contributing to increase significantly the range turnover.
  • It also leads a shooter to shoot more practice targets for the same period of time spent on the range.
Advantages for championships:
  • Considering the same number of days and of sports installations, the hosting capacity of the championship is increased by 50 to 60%.
Advantages for the shooters:
  • A better sports equity as all shooters begin by the shooting position 1 and shoot all targets in the same order ;
  • In case of absent shooter, there is no empty place anymore before a shooter, who was penalized in a championship with squad organization.
  • Shooting being faster (around 14 min. for 25 targets per shooter), the time necessary for concentration is shorter than with squad organization.
  • The electronic refereeing guarantees to shooters the reliability of their scores and scores of other shooters. There is no more need to keep a squad record after shooting.
  • Finally, the information for the audience is clear and accurate on the TV screen.
Advantages for the referees:
  • The referees of the European championship have unanimously considered that the refereeing was easier for them with the new equipment, actually more accurate. They had no problem getting quickly used to this new system.

As a result we now have both official shooting methods, by squad and by line.

Up to now, both producers of equipment for the shooter rotation and the electronic refereeing are available for the new system:

SARL JPB (accredited as conform to the Compak Sporting rules)
SARL JPB 10, Rue Constantine 37000 TOURS France
Tel : +33 (0)9 50 33 34 58
Mob : +33 (0)6 09 23 13 14

E.P. Elettronica Progetti s.r.l. (to be accredited by mid June 2014)
E.P. Elettronica Progetti s.r.l., Via degli Oleandri, 47, 00040 Ariccia (RM) Italy
tel.: +39 06 9342181
fax: +39 06 9344987