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You are an individual shooter

 You are an individual shooter

1° - Creating your Shooter’s Card: 

  • Choose the language for your shooter's card;
  • Enter your surname and first name; 
  • If you have a personal email address, enter the latter then choose a password.
  • If you do not have a personal email address, the website will generate an address as follows: your_name@fitasc.info You must then choose a password.

    By creating a personal "@fitasc.info" email address, you are setting up a personal email inbox, which can be consulted on the FITASC website.

    After logging in, you can consult messages sent by the FITASC, including important information on competitions, from any computer and directly from the Fitasc website. Remember to log in to our website regularly to keep informed!!
  • Follow the different setup stages by filling in all of the required fields;
  • Print the summary;
  • You can change your record by clicking on “Modify my shooter's card”, print the summary by clicking on “Print my shooter"s card”, or validate this information and gain access to the events calendar by clicking on “Log in”;
  • After clicking on “Log in”, your account will be activated and the homepage uploaded. 

 2° - Activation of your account : 
On the homepage, log in from the “Identification” area on the left-hand side of the screen. Enter:

  • The email address you registered for your shooter's card;
  • Your password;
  • Click on ‘OK’ then on ‘calendar’  

3° - Click on the desired competition 
 4° - Click on the « registration » tab

After reading the general conditions of registration, tick the box showing that you accept them and click on the “Next” button.
Fill in the entry form and choose your category 

5° - Payment of your entry
Choose your mode of payment & make your payment
6° - Confirmation
You shall receive a confirmation of definitive entry, after the collection of your payment, by e-mail to the address you have mentionned on your shooter’s card

Nota Bene: you can modify your shooter’s card at any time, by entering your identity in the “Identification” frame on the left of the screen, and clicking on “enter” and then on “update your card”

7° - Possibility to send the entry form by fax and authorize payment by credit card  
You can register by fax by downloading and printing the entry form of the chosen competition, by clicking on the blue ‘registration / competition’ button, then “register by fax”. Please fill in the entry form legibly and send it back to FITASC by fax or by post. Your entry becomes final and shall be confirmed only after collection of payment by credit card at the bank.