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Information for expatriates


According to the conditions of registration, a shooter who participate to an international competition under the aegis of FITASC, must have a license from the federation member of Fitasc from the country of his nationality. If he is domiciled in a country other than his country of nationality, the fact that he holds only a license issued by the federation member of FITASC of his home country does not allow him to compete in his nationality in international competitions.

Following the decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of July 10, 2023:

  • Any national federation that is a member of FITASC undertakes, if its national legislation authorizes it, to issue a free license for the duration of the championship concerned to the expatriate, as well as civil liability insurance if the national federation covers its affiliated shooters. in the country concerned.
  • Otherwise, the expatriate must proceed to a regular affiliation, paying, with the national federation member of the FITASC of the country of his nationality and must certify that he has taken out personal civil liability insurance covering all the guarantees during the training sessions and the competition in which he/she signs up.
  • To submit a free license request, a form will be available online, at the disposal of the applicant shooter, which he will have to fill in with his nationality, passport number, membership number in the residence country, his residence address and the Fitasc championship(s) which he intends to enter throughout the year.
  • At the beginning of the year, the applicant shooter will send that form, along with the copy of his membership in the residence country, to the Federation of the country of his nationality and thus requests a membership for the chosen Fitasc championships.


Please download the application form (click here) to properly complete and return by fax or by email to the federation of your country of nationality, with the copy of the license in the federation of your country of residence and a copy of an identity card stating your home address.

This allows you, at the beginning of sports season, to apply for a license to the federation of the country of your nationality for the number of competitions FITASC chosen.